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We’ve got you covered

Until we’re up and running, here are some useful resources based on the proposed curriculum.

Proposed Curriculum

Below you’ll find the proposed subjects (and dream teachers) in alphabetical order. The goal here is to teach you the skills we wish we’d learned in school, taught by as diverse a range of teachers as possible. Please contact us if you know someone who would be your favorite teacher (they don’t have to be famous or even leading experts in the field, a passion for teaching and their subject of choice is what matters most).


Conflict resolution

Dream teacher: Emmanuel Acho (Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man)

Creating an organized, clutterfree space

Dream teacher: At Home with Nikki, The Home Edit

Critical thinking, modern philosophy & anti-fragility

Dream teacher: Mark Manson (Everything Is Fu*ked: A Book About Hope)

Cultural awareness + intercultural communication

Dream teachers: Chris Ezeh (EuroAfricaMedia Network)

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Dream teachers: Luvvie Ajayi Jones (I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual), Mark Manson (The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fu*ck)

How to be an anti-racist

Dream teachers: Ibram X. Kendi (How to be an Antiracist), Emmanuel Acho (Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man), Robin DiAngelo (White Fragility)

How to be your own boss

Dream teachers: Lilly Singh (How to Be a Bawse), Marie Forleo (Everything is Figureoutable)

How to build habits & set boundaries

Dream teacher: Jen Sincero (Badass Habits)

How to deal with shame and blame

Dream teacher: Brené Brown (Daring Greatly)

How to have a healthier body image

Dream teachers: Anuschka Rees (Beyond Beautiful), Sonya Renee Taylor (The Body Is Not An Apology)

How to have healthy relationships

Dream teacher: Brené Brown (Daring Greatly)

Meditation, self-care, and peak state

Dream teachers: Tamara Levitt (Ode to Failure, Calm App), LeBron James (Train Your Mind, Calm App), Joseph McClendon III (Unlimited Power)

Money mindset and personal finance

Dream teacher: Tasha Cochran (One Big Happy Life)

No-nonsense sex ed (incl. LGBTQ, disabled)

Dream teachers: Jordan Rullo (Mastering Your Orgasm, Flo App), Regena Thomashauer (Pussy: A Reclamation)

Nutrition & meal-prepping

Proposed teacher: Sadia Badiei (Pick Up Limes)

Self-coaching (basic human needs fulfillment)

Dream teachers: Aileen Xu (Lavendaire), John Gary Bishop (Unfu*k Yourself)

Sustainable living (waste reduction, ethical spending)

Proposed teacher: Sophie (Malama Life)


Books and articles

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Films, series, videos, and documentaries

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Music and podcasts

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