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Our Story

“Despite being a ‘top-of-the-class’ student, I hardly ever enjoyed school and usually tried to get out of it. When my friends and I graduated, we quickly realized how unprepared we were for adult life. Neither of us knew how to cope with stress, how to have healthy and fulfilling relationships, or how to make the most of what little money we had.
Recognizing this gap, I decided to build a platform where people can access the knowledge and skills I wished I learned in school but was never taught.”

—Sarah Kastner, Founder

We are driven by values

Part of our profits will go toward projects that help foster kids and orphans—one of our most vulnerable and often ignored populations—through scholarships, mentoring, and education.

mindcultur. students

Sarah Kastner


Marie & Mia @wokeupintheusa

Social Media/Street Team

business & tech advisor

Luis Benavides

Business & Tech Advisor

Ruth Gautney

PR & Communications Advisor

Let’s work together

Check out how you can become a part of mindcultur.
This includes positions we’ll be hiring for, but also opportunities for collaborations, sponsorships, and volunteering.