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Elicia Goguen: How to Have Unshakable Confidence in a Society that Tries to Break It Down

Are you tired of the never-ending chase for approval, validation, and the pressure to look good? In the video below, Elicia Goguen, YouTuber and host of The Glow Up Secrets Podcast, shares her advice on spending less time comparing yourself with others and, instead, learning to accept your differences and imperfections.

She also emphasizes something important to keep in mind when you slip back into comparison mode: “A hard but freeing truth that I came to is that there are too many people on this Earth for me to be everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t need to be.

The desire to be picture perfect emerged from the desire to be loved and accepted by everyone. But the more I learned how to be there for myself and self-soothe during times of hardship, I came to find that I didn’t actually need the entire world to fill the void I was experiencing. In fact, learning to create a life filled with meaningful friendships, connections, and self-love was what I needed most.

Half of the people I was seeking love and validation from didn’t even love themselves, let alone know how to love me. So why keep chasing something that wouldn’t know what to do with my love when I presented it?”